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What was 2017?


I started this draft about a month ago, what does that tell you? That I was stumped. I was stumped like someone running into the blocked barrier at Platform 9 and three-quarters at King’s Cross, London.

Last week, thankfully, I attained a day of revelation, as I logged into my Google account and opened up my Maps timeline. Now, I have something to say about 2017.

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The Timeless One

Hello everyone!

It has been a long time.

I have been a bad blogger.

And, I am going to hell.


I’m so sorry, folks! If you need a short recap of the last few months, here goes.

  1. I got more responsibilities at work
  2. People (including me) got sick a lot in October
  3. Diwali was celebrated
  4. I went to the Bangalore Literature Festival
  5. I started on NaNoWriMo, despite my misgivings (I wanted to focus on my two novels, you see. But, NaNo kinda creeps on you and tempts you in so many ways. This time, I got #SuspenseProject.)
  6. I went to FRIGGIN’ MUMBAI, baby!
  7. I had my first ever Comic-con

Let’s go back to the subject matter of this post (point 6). Go ahead, have a look at our pictures!

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Do you see the Wanderlust in her Eyes?

Hi Reader!

It’s back to the apologies in this blog. I’ve been lazy, and stupid, and unforgivably irritable the past couple of weeks. But, I’m on the recovery path now. So, I guess I will be forgiven. *puppy-eyes-of-innocence*

Okay, let me cut the nonsense short and get right into business. This is going to be a short piece. It’s about Wanderlust.

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