What was 2017?


I started this draft about a month ago, what does that tell you? That I was stumped. I was stumped like someone running into the blocked barrier at Platform 9 and three-quarters at King’s Cross, London.

Last week, thankfully, I attained a day of revelation, as I logged into my Google account and opened up my Maps timeline. Now, I have something to say about 2017.

2017 has been bitter-sweet (the bitterness was rather more substantial than the other years in which it was meant to be just an offhand remark). I can’t speak about one of the bad things that happened, however. It involves loved ones and there should be some boundaries to what I write in public. The other bad situation was that I’d reached a certain age (and relatively, the older people of my acquaintance became dangerously old) in which I was fated to go through loss.

After that very short passage, let’s move on to the sweet stuff. And that is quite enough to fill volumes (I think!).



I have made 17 trips! 9 of which do not count as I travelled to my parents’ for festivals. The other 8,

  • Bestie’s Birthday in Chennai
  • Aunt’s Grhapravesh in Theni
  • Friend’s Wedding in Chennai again
  • Bestie 2’s Wedding at home (Madurai)
  • Bestie 3’s Engagement in, guess where, Chennai!
  • Random relative’s Wedding in, you’ve got to be kiddin’ me, Chennai.
  • Bitter Memory in Tiruppur
  • Family Vacation to Mumbai (lots of great pictures in the link)

This age is also causing my girl friends to break out news of engagements and marriages. As seen above. Joys and smiles multiplying like bunnies right now!


Work is going very well, thank you for asking. And that’s a big achievement in itself. ‘Nuf said.


I have read 65 books in my Goodreads Reading Challenge! That’s twice the amount I read in 2015, and twice the happiness! I am so grateful to myself in my attempt to bring back the High School version of me. Reaching this mark is a marvellous step in the right direction.


A sneak-peek into the list that made it this year! Also, check out the beautiful purple book on the last row, written by my bestie!


How happy I am for the things that have grown for me in Writing this year!

My book has crossed its half-finished mark, and I had had one Beta Reader review the first half. Apparently, my book is everything I dreamed it should be! What better review can a Writer want?

Another project which I had dreamed of in the first half of 2017, took shape in the second half. It’s still going to be #SuspenseProject, so, no details are to be given out in WordPress. Just wait and watch, World!

(Search #SuspenseProject on Twitter; they form the best tweets!)

My short stories finally worked in 2017. I’ll always remember this year for that, no matter what. You see, I was under the impression that I cannot write short stories. Well, 2017 proved that wrong.


WordPress history is jaw-dropping. My love to all the love thrown at me, Readers! ❤


  • Romeo and Juliet at the Jagriti Theatre by Quiver Productions (they used the original script!!!!)
  • Riding Madly Off In All Directions at the Chowdiah Memorial Hall by the Naseeruddin Shah family
  • Acted in a private production, Helen of Troy at Le Méridien, Bangalore (I nearly forgot that this happened!)
  • Experienced the movie of the millennium, Baahubali : the Conclusion (effects of this phenomenon are on display here and here)
  • First visit to Bessie Beach, Chennai
  • Hosted my bestie gang at my parents’ for the first time (we were college hostel buddies)
  • Team outing at Guhantara Resort
  • Bangalore Literature Festival at the Lalit Ashok
  • Everything-we-went-to-in-Mumbai
  • Comic-con, Bangalore
  • Team event at Bangalore Club
  • Geminid Meteor Shower
  • Bharatanatyam Drama influenced by the Tamil poet Bharathiyar at Raja Mutthaiah Mandram

Oh God, was that enough? I am overwhelmed. I hope 2018 lives up to the standards. At three weeks in, I should say it’s looking pretty good!



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