The Reader in Me

Hello everyone!

It’s been a long time! How have you all been? How’s autumn treating you all? Here in Bangalore, it’s been through a really warm couple of weeks with a blinding sun, then turned rainy and foggy two days ago, and my body’s been venting out with a racking cough and a blocked nose. So, I’m not enjoying the new season yet.

News from me would be several : finished outlining my novel to have a smooth NaNoWriMo this year, Diwali shopping is done, celebrated two birthdays in two weeks for both my roommates, exulted over the fact that my bestie Ishu released her second book recently, aaanndd started my re-attempt in everyday workouts!

(For explanations, NaNoWriMo is the National Novel Writing Month, follow the link for more details, and Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights, exuberantly celebrated all over India, falls on October 29th for the Tamil-speaking Indians, and do check out Ishu’s book here and here and here!)

This post is inspired by my friend Nandini’s post. This is a detailed listing of the kind of reader I am. Speaking as a small-time writer, I cannot stress enough on the importance of the reading habit. It brings you inspiration and happiness beyond measure. It warms your heart and cools your head. Reading is one of the most joyous experiences endowed to mankind.

So here’s my 21 facts about me as a reader.

  1. I like to read several books at once (recent addition to this list).
  2. I read sitting up, lying down, walking, and other ways in which the book remains steady.
  3. Sometimes, I plug in my earphones and play soft songs at the smallest volume level which remains audible, while reading.
  4. I can read in trains and flights, but not in cars, or anything on the road; something about the sharp turns makes my head swim.
  5. I always have a currently reading book in the Harry Potter series, ever since I finished them for the first time in 2008.
  6. I am recently loving logging on Goodreads, and I update progress with book quotes.
  7. I cannot give up food while reading, so I switch back and forth between hard copies and soft copies of the same book while not eating and eating respectively.
  8. I absolutely ignore sleep calls when reading and have a record hours of sleep lost due to engaging books.
  9. I started reading due to a magazine called Gokulam, which my Gammy introduced me to when I was about 10.
  10. My most-read genre is fantasy.
  11. My second most-read genre is suspense/mystery.
  12. I re-read so much that I go through even Funny Stories for Six-Year Olds several times, being 22 myself.
  13. I like physical books most, but I would accept Kindle e-books, and badly formatted pdfs if that’s what I get.
  14. I like to visit the bookstore in any place I visit just to smell the books. Sometimes, compulsively making sure I step in despite being in a hurry for something important.
  15. Anyone borrowing my books will be under subconscious policing by me until they return it.
  16. Books over movies or TV series’. Always.
  17. Non-fiction tires/bores me.
  18. Book ratings start at 3 stars in my head. Never lesser.
  19. My Goodreads Reading Challenge 2016 stands sadly at 15/52. And I am currently reading 7 books at once.
  20. I dream to read more realistic books, getting out of my comfort zones of Suspense and Fantasy.
  21. Comics do not capture my interest much.

There you go! That’s my list! Comment back about your reading habits, or follow my plan and do a blog post on it!

Thanks to Nandini for the idea behind this one! 😀



PS : Too many hyperlinks in this post, please bear with my excitement for sharing.

PPS : This is my sixth blog post, and the next one will be the seventh, seven being the most powerfully magical number. Hoping for something magical! 🙂

PPPS : The image is for representational purposes only. I do not have such a beautiful bookshelf. Although I would appreciate it very, very, very much if someone thinks of gifting me one. 😉